Sartorial madness

Buh bye Boston! I’m ecstatically flying to Palm Beach! While awaiting to board, I recruited a style savvy Danish man –to snap sartorial shots. Here, I’m working a jacket with a sunhat in the middle of December! How classy, eh? I can’t discern if this unorthodox combo is nonsensical? If my motif is inappropriate because it juxtaposes seasonal traditions? Or if blending items from different seasons is the perfect way to kick-off celebrating resort fashion for the next two weeks? Either way, I think this combo is chic, yet it was completely unintentional! You see, Harvard’s exams are very rigorous! No way, who would’ve guessed? So, my packing time was grossly limited! I stuffed much of my wardrobe into a suitcase within minutes before hopping in a cab. Hence, I’m wearing whatever items were in closest proximity to my whereabouts within a confined 6oo sq. ft space! Given the disastrous packing regime, I neglected my camera charger! But horrible packing habits aside, I ought to confess my obnoxiously oversize Ralph Lauren sunhat or one conceptually alike is definitely a resort must-have! It’s not only a colossal statement accessory, yet it ranks high in utility– for handling the scorching heat. Though my cobalt blouse can always add a pop of color, my tweed and leather sleeve Zara jacket comes in handy to pack lightly and save room for shopping!

All photography by Britt Petty


Posing in the middle of Logan Airport! Hat: Ralph Lauren, jacket and shirt: Zara, earrings: Swarovski, bracelets: assorted.IMG_0612



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