Blooming Modern Femininity

With brands unveiling their Spring 2013 campaigns, it’s an early reminder that we’re shopping for next season shortly. Like last year, I’m particularly enamored by Prada’s latest. The brand’s Spring 2013 campaign infuses a new twist into the line’s modernized feminine pieces. Photographer Steven Meisel captures a roster of top models; Vanessa Axente, Amber Valletta, Sasha Pivovarova and Raquel Zimmermann, sporting Muiccia’s divine designs. The playful composition of portraying such a vibrant collection renders it a must-have on every fashionistas wish list. By setting the springtime standard for how to strut the iconic fashion house’s latest creations, the Prada Spring 2013 campaign evokes the label’s opulently refined essence. From floral adorned garments and oversize specs– to elegantly structured jackets, the clean lines and cuts are the epitome of chic sophistication.

Prada Spring 2013Prada Spring 2013 Prada Spring 2013Prada Spring 2013 664829_316224528482503_580069618_o


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