2012 TN Chronicles

It’s surreal acknowledging the concept: this is officially my last blog post for 2012… It’s exciting to venture on a new style agenda and set new goals for 2013, yet it’s sad to close an amazing chapter of my life. Having a passion for luxe living and fashion enables me to do more than write about my style. This might sound cheesy, yet my outfits actually serve as a platform to chronicle my life and remember experiences. From sporting leather shorts to fur coats and clashing prints, I’ve scored high sartorial points and stirred quite a few statements according to more than my own intrinsic bias. But Trend Nerd is about more than my outfits, the runways, culture, what inspires me and everything else I write about. Reflecting upon the last year, makes me cherish how much I enjoy working with and meeting fantastic people who make immersing in the blogosphere such a remarkable experience. And I’m looking forward to many more exhilarating sartorial and cultural experiences in 2013. While I’ll publish my new year’s resolution and 2013 style inspirations shortly, here’s a yearbook chronicling my favorite outfit photos from 2012. Curating these photos wouldn’t have been possible without a roster of fantastic photographers, friends, engaged readers, companies, sponsors and various industry professionals who admire me for what I do… I hope you all enjoy celebrating New Year’s Eve and have a phenomenal year! Lots of love!


*Below every collage there’s a link to each photo’s corresponding post for info.

Document1Left to right: The Urban Garden, On Top of the World, Print Blocking, Haute Harvard, Golden Coco, Brocade and Booties, Peplum and Leather


Left to right: Blast in Beantown, FNO Boston Ensemble, Mod Sophistication for BFW, Mad Men Chic, What an Athlete!, Testino x Oxblood and LeopardDocument3

Left to right: Fancy Pants, Biting the Big Apple, Casually Glamorous, Pattern Mixing, Blue LeopardDocument4

Left to right: Printed LeggingsThat’s a wrapSartorial Madness ,Merry ChrismukkahVivid PrintingMulticolor x BlackSaturated Hues


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