New Year’s Resolutions: 2013

UntitledAs we kick-off 2013, it’s suppose to symbolize starting new beginnings. Aside from excelling in the blogosphere, covering New York Fashion Week and acing everything academically; there are other things I hope to achieve too. Of course, I’d LOVE to shed 20 lbs! But I don’t just want to look better and expand my wardrobe with works of art; I’d love to also be a much more confident person too. And specifically, gain the skill set and tools to cultivate positive relationships and pursue a successful career in fashion magazine editorial! Thus, my 2013 resolutions aren’t solely about eating healthier, nor expanding my shoe collection. They’re about succeeding in my professional pursuits and forming much more positive relationships, while having less anxiety — and making better choices about everything, including but not limited to — my sartorial decisions and diet.

Although I experienced lots of change and growth over the last year, many situations left me in flux and rendered me unsure of my own feelings. In spite of these learning experiences and obstacles, I need to always remember that I have lots to feel grateful for including the amazing people I’m surrounded with and phenomenal college I attend everyday. At the same time, I hope to progress from acknowledging that happiness is my own autonomous choice and I cannot just rely on other people for it. Nevertheless, I hope being more honest with myself, forming much more meaningful relationships, being happier and conquering my professional pursuits — will make all the right pieces fall into place on sartorial and personal levels too. While I’ll write about my New Year’s Eve outfit shortly, I thought I’d toast to a new year on a positively stylish note by improving my well-being, writing more frequently, embarking on new sartorial ventures and so much more! Cheers!




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