P.S. Such a huge DORK!

This year my family had a low key New Year’s celebration. Instead of going out for dinner, we had a lovely meal at home and went to our club for champagne to toast new beginnings. Before dinner, my younger sister and me drove to Target to grab a few last second items. Although I’m much more of a Saks girl, we enjoyed digging through the racks of the limited edition Target + Neiman Marcus collection, which was entirely on sale. Thus, I grabbed a Robert Rodriguez top (for only $23.99) along with a few other things to kick-off 2013. And I ended up pairing this frugal investment with my exquisitely tailored, white Acne skirt and red Yves Saint Laurent kicks for a pop of bold vibrance. Given the casual nature of my motif, I powered-up my look with opulently sparkling adornments by combining a mix of vintage and contemporary jewels (continued below photo 7).

All photography by Michelle Solomon (except photo 5 was shot by my mom)

IMG_5282top: Robert Rodriguez Top (Target + Neiman Marcus Collection) $23.99, skirt: Acne, shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, necklace: Ann Taylor, purse: Gucci, bracelets and earrings: assorted finds and vintage


IMG_5344Michelle and me having fun… Just being my dorky-self…IMG_5287
P.S. While I might be the cheesiest person ever, I just wonder why the heck I’d want to be like everyone else? Here’s the story, I posted the picture below from NYE, as my profile photo on Facebook because it accurately depicts my quirky personality. One of my classmate’s kindly commented, “you are – and I mean this in the nicest possible way – a HUGE dork.” I replied, “it’s called having fun! I might be a DORK but I got style!” So, I guess I’m a HUGE dork! But, so what? I must have scored more nerd points!  The bottom-line is, I rather be myself, even if it means being nerdy, goofy, eclectic or simply a huge DORK.IMG_5348

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