Rise above the rest

The doorman at my former office building once said, “I have a shoe fetish.” He had an outrageous sense of humor and always put a smile on my face, while simultaneously marveling my unorthodox kicks before I hopped in the elevator. This doorman coined me his, “home girl,” in spite of personally not speaking that lingo. Although he’s the first person to dub my heel addiction in such a way, people who know me will tell you that I have an unrelenting fetish for colorful and uniquely structured shoes. Because nothing makes your style above the rest like outstanding kicks. Shoes can be analogous to art since they complete an outfit; like the way a painting ties a room together. While many stick to neutrals and refrain from wearing from color, an exquisitely crafted pair of kicks can be the icing on the cake to spice up your look. With countless shapes available in a variety of solid and multi-color motifs on sale, United Nude’s kicks promise to make show-stopping statements. From pin heels to abstractly crafted wedges, these avant-garde boots and booties are guaranteed to give you a striking appearance in this freezing cold weather. While the Mosaic Hi bootie’s geometric cuts ought to turn heads, the Step Mobias Spat’s versatility will mix and match beautifully with any look!


1. Mosaic Hi: Silver $196, 2. Eamz Patti: Black $269, 3. Pin Naomi: Taupe + Green $234, 4. Swan Hi: Taupe + Lake $196, 5.  Tammy Hi: Navy $255, 6. Abstract Lasso Hi: Green $297, 7. Step Mobius Spat: Leopard $507, 8. Delta: Blue $336, 9. Swan Mid: Dark Brown + Wood $182, 10. Helix Hi: Dark Brown + Camel $185, 11. Fold Hi: Dream $161, 12. Lane Hi: Black + Red $199

3 thoughts on “Rise above the rest

  1. I definitely agree that a touch of color on the shoes can transform an outfit into a statement-market, and I’m particularly attracted to the Pin Naomi heels. They still have a classic shape, but stand out with the great color-blocking.

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