Behind the scenes: Palm Beach

During the last two weeks, I had a blast shopping, tanning, and doing so much more with family and friends in Palm Beach. Upon returning to Boston, I’ve struggled adjusting to freezing temperatures and wearing several layers. And I’m helplessly reflecting on my vacation by flipping through Instagram photos. As I’m becoming increasingly addicted to Instagram, I’m constantly finding style, cultural and artistic inspirations with my iPhone, especially when my camera is MIA. Thus, I’m launching a category on Trend Nerd entitled, ‘Behind the scenes’– to showcase an unprecedented look into my life from beyond the blogosphere. Unlike the photos featured in my blog posts (usually captured with my SLR camera or by a photographer), I’m using Instagram to share ‘behind the scenes’ access into my style adventures. Follow me on Instagram (@alexannesolomon) for my latest sartorial finds, special moments and other style inspirations!



top to bottom from left to right: Givenchy earrings; my sister’s sartorially-coordinated hat and sandals with sunscreen; Wearing a bikini by the pool; with Milly at Blue Martini in Miami; buildings in downtown Miami; breathtaking palm trees; six of my favorite kicks from YSL, Oscar de la Renta, Giuseppe Zanotti, Pierre Hardy, Casadei and Michael Kors; part of my sister’s make-up collection (I barely wear any); tanning in a bikini; gingerbread house with adorable snowmen playing in the yard; dessert


P.S. Let's socialize!

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