I get an immature adrenaline rush, every time I laugh and write about my socially awkward encounters. But I can’t discern, if I’m embarrassed or excited about sharing such experiences. Anyhow, here’s my scoop on the latest peculiar encounter… (continued below first photo).


As I was walking to class yesterday via Harvard Yard, a woman quietly approached me to ask, if I was “wearing hooker tights?” I smiled back without responding since I’m not sure how to properly answer such a question and I definitely don’t have those intentions. Did she want some hooker hosiery for herself? The answer remains ambiguous… While wearing fishnet tights might be pejoratively associated with dressing like a hooker, I beg to differ and tend not to generalize people. Because I actually think that depends on how you wear these tights, as well as how you carry yourself and behave altogether. To be fair, I don’t know what constitutes the ‘official’ hooker uniform, nor if there is such thing. But I do know, I’ve never tried to pull it off. And, I also know that I love taking risks with my wardrobe and fishnets are no exception to my sartorial fun. Despite such gross stereotypical connotations, it doesn’t seem to impact me. Truth be told, I think I pulled-off my fishnets with chic class. Teaming the ‘hooker hosiery’ with a black cashmere trench coat, knee-length Donna Karan tie-waist skirt, plaid Isabel Marant top and classic brown Cole Haan kicks– I’ll coin this ensemble, ‘preppy nouveau.’ However I added a few twists by topping-off the motif with an Alexander Wang bag and layering two colorfully beaded and crystal vintage necklaces. Also, I’d like to apologize in advance for shooting on the MBTA, yet I had no choice because I’ve been crazily busy in the midst of an intensive three week January course… xo!

IMG_1025Tights: a random boutique in Boston, boots: Cole Haan, bag: Alexander Wang, trench: Mendocino, shirt: Isabel Marant, necklaces: vintage.


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