Layering peplum

While I frequently pair black garments with colorful ones, I’m rarely spotted wearing mainly black. I think it’s crucial to confess, I have an inherently, unrelenting bias to sport contemporary-inspired looks rather than traditional ones. Nonetheless, I’ll only permit an all-black garment in my closet if it possess’ two specific traits. First, anything all-black must have an intriguing structure. Second, everything all-black must have a unique texture. Though I coordinated a mainly black ensemble, it wasn’t without pumping-up the volume. Layering my Chloé textured houndstooth peplum top with a Marc Jacobs sleeveless leather peplum top, created a powerful aesthetic. Despite black indisputably taking precedence over any shade in this outfit; the layered peplum, the contrasting shades of houndstooth, the mix of vibrant textures and accents– rendered this primarily monochromatic motif into a voluminous masterpiece. For some extra boldness, I slipped on a black Temperley London tulip skirt to accentuate my silhouette. But accessorizing this ensemble with a Dannijo Hoxton collar necklace and oversize Fendi shades, played an integral role by elevating the look to outstanding status. As you’re aware it’s the middle of January, yet it sometimes feels unnecessary to avoid bundling-up in Beantown. Although we’re experiencing cooler January temperatures and occasional snowfall, it wasn’t essential to lug my coat outside for a few minutes, so I apologize if the shining reflections bouncing-off my top are blinding you. You see, I’ve developed a habit of recruiting a friend from class most days — to shoot my sartorial spreads during our five minute breaks in the midst of three hour lecture periods — it’s the only time it feels appropriate to produce a photoshoot, while we’re not all socializing or working. Henceforth, I shoot at the most awkward times of day, which can sometimes produce unflattering lighting and wind blowing my locks into an untamable state of paralysis. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my mainly black ensemble with a double dose of peplum.

IMG_1097Long sleeve top: Chloé, short sleeve top: Marc Jacobs, skirt: Temperley London, necklace: Dannijo, specs: Fendi, boots: Stuart Weitzman.


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