90’s guilty pleasures!

Today is my younger sister, Michelle’s 21st birthday! The notion of her hitting that milestone is surreal. This feeling is not a result of her reaching universal drinking legality, yet I can’t believe she’s a woman and not a teenager or kid. Also she’s so proud to be an inch or two taller than me and brags about it! Despite our difference in height, she’s inevitably my little sister since she’ll always be younger. While I recall growing-up in the 90’s and having sibling rivalries over trivial issues; I also remember cutting my little sister’s hair and my own, while our nanny wasn’t paying attention. And, assuring my mom, “not to worry because I used kid’s scissors (the results were still disastrous).”

Moreover, I also remember jamming with my sister to the Spice Girls, Madonna, Aqua, Backstreet Boys and others in the 90’s. But songs from back in the day like ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua and ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls are few of my many guilty pleasures that still keep me entertained on my iPod today. While Michelle is responsible for transferring those tunes on to my laptop, I’ll adamantly confess I’m glad that she did. Although I’ll no longer wear a dress printed with The Little Mermaid, nor adorn my abode in Disney; I’ve developed an undying love for the classic princess’, especially as my adorable three year old niece has become obsessed with the cult of magical gals herself.

Though my parents didn’t dress me in Gucci or Chanel in the 90’s, they seemed to ensure my sister and me were always sartorially coordinated, so I give them thumbs up for that. From Michelle sporting polk-a-dots and stripes to baby blue bottoms– to myself rocking embellished pants and a magenta vest— nothing has seemed to change because I’m still layering, wearing vivid colors, and fancy pants on a daily basis!

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