Sartorial Royalty

The Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam ‘Nu Renaissance Aristocracy’ editorial emulates oil portraits covering the walls of royal palaces and art galleries alike. Photographer Zhang Jingna brings back a 20th century aesthetic by capturing Claire Birkholz and Keandra Anderson, accentuated by exquisitely braided coifs and deep set eyes. Stylist Beagy Zielinski curates this spread with lavishly adorned collars and constricting tones that are strikingly ornate. Nonetheless, these medieval-inspired ensembles are undeniably a work of art that render the ultimate royal sartorial statements.

ElleZhang2 ElleZhang4ElleZhang3 ElleZhang7 the-libertine-magazine-nu-renaissance-aristocracy-kendra-anderson-and-claire-birkholz-by-zhang-jingna-for-harpers-bazaar-vietnam-december-2012-3 the-libertine-magazine-nu-renaissance-aristocracy-kendra-anderson-and-claire-birkholz-by-zhang-jingna-for-harpers-bazaar-vietnam-december-2012-6

3 thoughts on “Sartorial Royalty

  1. An amazingly executed editorial and the inspiration ingenious! I would’ve thought having the hair done in a more simplistic style might have been more suitable, but the intricate hair definitely added to the concept of aristocracy.

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