Neon Accents!

Reminiscing upon my socially awkward encounters has become one of my greatest guilty pleasures, as it always induces me to laugh at myself for hours in such a naive way… Although I’m addicted to wearing brightly saturated hues toned-down with neutrals and blacks, I’ve indefinitely struggled to pull-off neon. Of course, I have an undying lust for neon from my life’s inception in the late 80’s… But I can’t discern if neon simply looks trashy against my complexion or if I’m not wearing the proper cut for my body, whenever I try it on. Nonetheless, neon accessories always add a jolt of vibrance– to the perfect dark suit or LBD. So, I meticulously styled bits of it in the form of a J.Crew belt teamed with similar color specs (continued below second photo).

All photography by Chris Hill


Sweater and pants: both Burberry, top: Isabel Marant, kicks: Stuart: Weitzman, blazer: BCBG MAXAZRIA, belt: J.Crew, specs: unknown, earrings: Chanel


Upon strutting along the sidewalk to meet a classmate for an assignment, these shades prompted a few drivers to honk their horns. While two people actually stopped driving to announce I was wearing cool shades, a fellow pedestrian surprisingly warned me these sunny’s “…are blinding and I needed to be careful.” Henceforth, I was on the verge of starting this post with the following cheesy intro, “warning, this post contains graphic images, which some may find disturbing. Please don’t view if you have any doubts about the sensitivity of your eyesight, check with your eye care provider before proceeding any further.” However I chose to scrap this opening since I didn’t intend to inflict any emotional, nor optical harm via my ensemble. Despite neon’s inevitable power to turn heads like a flashing Times Square billboard, I didn’t sport these sunny’s to stop traffic. Yet I admittedly curated them in a style-driven manner, which resulted in rendering unprecedented side effects. At this point I can’t neglect the rest of my outfit, which includes my Isabel Marant ruffle top under my Burberry sweater, paired with Burberry wide-leg trousers and topped by a BCBGMAXAZRIA blazer. Despite owning a few pairs of trousers (all of which I rarely wear), it’s imperative to note this ensemble is inspiring me to make a dire effort– to slip-on trousers more often…
DSC_0346(f5.6)DSC_0341(f2.8)P.S. I forgot to warn you that I can flip these lens’ to create a dangerously nerdy impact!profile1



P.S. Let's socialize!

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