Hairy Legs

The overgrown bush of grey fur covering my calfs is a result of an experiment conducted by Harvard scientists, combined with not shaving for several years and natural aging. As someone who’s failed to find boots that are both warm and stylish, neglecting my razor for a prolonged period seemed to be my only option. If you believe anything I wrote except for the first part of the second sentence, you’re seriously in need of a comprehensive cognitive evaluation (continued below the first photo).

All photography by Christine An

IMG_1610boots: Aldo, leggings: DKNY, top: Zara, blazer: BCBG, satchel: Furla, coat: Aritzia

But back to reality, on those cold, slushy and windy days; I’m not the type of person who’s ready to sacrifice the possibility of destroying my python Prada boots or another pair alike (even with waterproof spray). Thus, I’m left with very limited options, as I refuse to wear Ugg-type boots that lack any aesthetic appeal, whatsoever! In fact, sporting such shapeless kicks in a fashion-forward manner has proven to be an insurmountable task. Henceforth, growing out my calf hair  or finding fur covered wedge heel boots seems to be the best alternative since they’re tres chic when they’re styled properly. Given the heaviness of these kicks, it’s best to pair fur covered calfs with slimming bottoms like skinny jeans or leggings– to avoid widening the silhouette. On top of that, the heaviness on the bottom prompted me to keep it simply casually style-savvy on top. So, I decided to forego teaming my eggplant peplum top with a blazer and down winter coat, which was  essential with strong winds that left my locks in an entangled untamable state of paralysis.



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