Spring Layering

I’ve become proficient at soliciting the daily throngs of tourists invading Harvard’s campus– to capture my sartorial spreads. Of course, in lieu of moi kindly snapping a photo or two of the given entourage. Apart from being a walking tourist attraction as a Harvard student, yes, I can’t think about my status differently, when random visitors ask me to pose in their photos. Truth be told, befriending tourists has come in handy, as repetitively swaying my lovely friends to snap my outfits is increasingly tedious. So, here, I bring you a lesson in layering for spring, entirely credited to one of a zillion tourists fortunate to explore Harvard Yard. In spite of the intense snow storm that struck two days ago, it’s officially spring according to my personal sartorial agenda. Okay, so it might NOT be spring on the traditional calendar and the surrounding greenery is buried in ice. However I’ve lost faith in the Mayans after they failed to predict prophecy and prompted the globe to splurge on survival kits to conquer the apocalypse, as a result of running out of ink– to complete their 2012 agenda and beyond. But, pertaining to the following style statement… After slipping on my 6 year old J Brand skinny jeans, I opted to preserve the denim-inspired motif with a blue Equipment blouse. Since it’s too warm to bundle up in a cashmere trench, I began layering with my leather Alexander McQueen jacket, topped by a graphic striped black and white faux fur Marc by Marc Jacobs overcoat. Altogether I scored a perfect 10 on this one. While the following fashion-forward look might be on the simpler side, the assortment of accessories are making bold moves that take it to the next level– including but not limited to my obnoxiously oversize gradated-frame Marni shades and multicolor serpent Zara booties.IMG_1867

jeans: J Brand, blouse: Equipment, jacket: Alexander McQueen, overcoat: Marc by Marc Jacobs, kicks: Zara, shades: Marni, satchel: Alexander Wang, belt: H&M, necklace: vintageIMG_1868IMG_1873 IMG_1873IMG_1872


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