A Little Provocative

While I was prepping to leave my place today, I’ll assure you that I wasn’t thinking, how can I get pedestrians to stare at me? Like always, my priority was to  look well coordinated, just as I seemingly do everyday.  But my friend asked me, “if my shades are a new trend?” One of my prof’s asked me, if he “needed to buy a pair?” And a panhandling street punk with an adorable dog told me, he “has a similar pair.” So, I guess, wearing thick oversize-frame turquoise specs inevitably provokes people to speak for all the right reasons. Although these particular provocative specs are vintage, there are a plethora of similar pairs available at shops ranging from Forever 21 to Fendi. Aside from where you purchase yours, I guarantee buying such head-turning shades will take your look to standout status. Regarding the remainder of this ensemble, I stuck to grey hues with popping accents. While I wore this Chanel coat frequently in the fall, it’s one of those staples that’s always chic according to my books. But I’m especially a fan of the oversize collar and waist accentuating belt, which sculpts a flattering silhouette. Nevertheless, given all the shades of grey between my MaxMara kicks and studded Treesje hobo, I opted for some eye-catching contrast by strutting the streets in bright blue tights.


Coat: Chanel, kicks: MaxMara, bag: Treesje, specs: vintage.IMG_1900IMG_1899 IMG_1898


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