Spring Uncensored

The following photos include some of the best published on Trend Nerd, thus far. You see, you’re very fortunate to get an unprecedented look at Josh’s unpublished images from the cover and story shoot for the latest issue of Trend Nerd Magazine. With that said, I’m inviting you to invade my life at moments, which I’m not necessarily ready for the camera.

Since spring is finally here, we decided to evacuate the Boston Common for the sake of this spread, a picturesque park packed with a frog pond, rainbow, statues, botanicals and street vendors stocked on t-shirts printed with Bostonian slang for wannabe “Wicked Pissahs, Massholes and Chowdaheads.” Although this might be immature, I can’t help but laugh at how much pride select Bostonians take in trademarking those quoted nicknames. Surrounding these ‘wicked’ attractions, leaders who battled at the forefront of the American Revolution like Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and their gang of pals suddenly become resurrected — just to escort Boston’s throngs of tourists along the Freedom Trail — completely decked-out in colonial style tricornes, waistcoats and breeches!

Now, about my outfit, which wasn’t inspired by 18th century history, nor a single “Green Monstah.” Like many ladies, pink is my favorite color, yet I typically refrain from wearing it. Pink tends to clash with my complexion in an aesthetically tacky and juvenile way. But nevertheless, magenta and fuchsia took on a pivotal role in my latest ensemble. Here, I’m sporting a customized Alternative Apparel t-shirt plastered with my face (also photographed by Josh), which is complimented by the slogan ‘I  ❤ Nerd’s.’ I opted to preserve a crisp canvas by pairing this top with an Acne white pencil skirt. Keeping things simple enabled me to fly on a colorful adventure with my jacket, shoes and accessories. While this ASOS metallic multicolor jacket resembles the product of a leopard fornicating with a box of Smarties, combining these Sigerson Morrison magenta pony hair and camel leather wedges with transparent lucite detail rendered an exquisite coordination. When I’m NOT raiding Bergdorf’s for the following Prada specs and gold Lanvin cuffs, I’m ransacking thrift stores and occasionally gift suites to collect treasures such as this bling– consisting of magenta earrings, a multicolor beaded bracelet, jewel embellished necklace and silver bib choker.

Please note, I highly advise you to avoid taking most of the above content seriously, except if you’re proudly a self-proclaimed “Wicked Pissah, Masshole or Chowdahead.” Truth be told, laughing at myself and dreaming of the surreal life is one of my greatest guilty pleasures. Though 19th century transcendentalist philosopher, Henry David Thoreau argues, “the government of the world [we] live in was not framed, like that of Britain, in after-dinner conversations over the wine;” I’m confident my editors, TA’s and professors, especially both of the latter– will NEVER permit me to write a 20 page scholarly paper dedicated to an argument equally humorous to Thoreau’s. Thus, this is my unofficial channel to unleash my unedited thoughts to arouse your personal amusement (and mine too)!

All photography by Joshua Matthew Peters

Solomon CommonsApril13Skirt: Acne, kicks: Sigerson Morrison, shades: Prada, jacket: ASOS, t-shirt: Alternative Apparel customized via Zazzle, jewels: misc.Solomon CommonsApril13_1Solomon CommonsApril13_shirtSolomon CommonsApril13_11=Solomon CommonsApril13_5-18622563246_cd9ca0ab48_kSolomon CommonsApril13_10Solomon CommonsApril13_2

8622561890_10136c2819_kSolomon CommonsApril13_7
Solomon CommonsApril13_3

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