Life Behind Bars

The following story is just as interesting as Harvard’s Cheating Scandal.  You see, Jon Stewart explained, the words “Harvard” and “cheating” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. But I’m also confident this unwritten rule is just as applicable to using “Anna Dello Russo” and “Kate Middleton” in the same sentence as the words “prisoner” and “jail.” According to one of my TA’s, I show-up to lectures dressed like Kate Middleton, while another one argues I’m always adorned like Anna Dello Russo. Yes, my ensembles unintentionally become conversation pieces at college. But, in contradiction to this my friend says, I “look like a jail prisoner in the following striped motif.” On a positive note, my friend’s assured me, “it’s not a bad thing because prison fetishism is very chic.” Thus, I’ll confidently confirm the Duchess of Cambridge and an inmate or Harvard and their cheaters are bound to procreate the next generation of made-to-order baby Ivey League Scholars, exclusively designed at California Cryobank, a reproductive tissue service company with convenient locations in Cambridge, MA, between Harvard and MIT, and in Palo Alto, CA, near Stanford.

With all of my fictitious drama and off-topic commentary out of the way, I’m delighted to confirm Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 collection of uniforms are now on the backs of inmates across America. This means, bad ass behavior might be the chicest thing ever, especially for spring. Okay, here’s the real deal… I actually scored this ensemble, after I was arrested for raiding the Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs stores accompanied by my ladies starring in The Real Housewives of South Boston. Seriously, with finals swinging into full gear, I feel as if I’m confined behind the bars of Harvard’s colonial libraries. While my Marc Jacobs top and Michael Kors bottoms might resemble a prisoner uniform, this structured Proenza Schouler jacket and these bad-ass studded Steve Madden kicks take this look to outstanding status– fit for a sartorial maven spending life behind bars.

IMG_1938pants: Michael Kors, shirt: Marc Jacobs, blazer: Proenza Schouler, kicks: Steve Madden, shades: Fendi

IMG_1934IMG_1937 2

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