As many of you are aware Kitson, a LA-based clothing boutique stirred-up controversy with marketing a collection of shirts dubbed “the designer drugs collection.” Designed by Brian Lichtenberg, the man behind the trending line of Homies and Ballin clothing (a take on Hermes and Balmain, respectively), said his latest line is inspired by pop culture. Despite many critics claiming the designer is “glorifying drug abuse,” Litchenberg argues these shirts emulate a sociocultural epidemic afflicting several North Americans on a daily basis.

Unlike many people, I DON’T think these shirts glorify drug abuse. However they put an emphasis on the stigma surrounding sociocultural epidemics and their treatments that affect millions of people and go unnoticed on a daily basis. Although several people sadly abuse legal drugs such as Adderall, Vicodin and Xanax; many others take them for uncontrollable medical conditions. Thus, the statements these shirts spark, put the prescription drug phenomena in the spotlight via making conversations about this issue a positive trend.

Of course, I completely acknowledge the possible allegations of copyright infringement from drug manufacturers, as Kitson and Litchenberg are profiting from using their brand names. But I ought to say, that’s a completely separate issue, which has nothing to do with style, directly taking the drugs or drug abuse.


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