Falling in love, all over again!

When it comes to bags, something structured is usually the way I opt to go! But, one thing, I definitely have a deep aversion toward is overly monogrammed bags and accessories, especially handbags with designer initials adorning the throngs of people at airports…. Why do I feel this way? Because every single New Yorker and wanna be city slicker has an authentic or counterfeit collection of monogrammed accessories in their closet and they’ve become the most unoriginal wardrobe staple.

Although I’m not a fan of the hoards of monogrammed products, especially after witnessing the number of girls in college with matching bags and accessories (sorry, I tend to say it, just like it is). They’ve become an over-saturated trend and have catalyzed a skyrocket in counterfeit production.

Of course, Coach’s C-plastered bags, have become an iconic products across modern American but I can’t deny that I’m falling head-over-heels for their latest line of luxe leather bags for Fall 2013.  It’s like falling in love with an American icon in a totally different way, which I didn’t see coming. Coach’s take on giving leather a luxe twist with exotic croc-embossed and multi-fabric structured shoulder bags in vibrant shades of vermillion, merlot and a plethora of other hues with contrasting gold hardware bring a timeless air to the brand’s newest line. While Coach’s studded-out tough luxe bags give the punk’d look a refined edge, it’s inarguable that these handbags, ought to polish any fall wardrobe with contemporary lines and sophistication.

For more info click here to checkout Coach’s entire Fall 2013 collection!


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