Tommy TonAlbeit, a bit late, you might think my words are controversial, rhetorical, or you might think I have a valid argument… This post was definitely a long time in the making. Although this might make you look at how you get dressed in a new light, it might not have an impact on how you get dressed, whatsoever. While I could argue it took me too long to find the best of the best photos for this post, I was truly immersed in the rhetoric of political philosophy. Seriously, that’s besides the point, which I advise you can listen to or choose to ignore!

So, speaking about the best of Fashion Week, my favorite part isn’t always previewing the top collections, nor the roster of celebrities, editors and bloggers in a designer’s front row, per se. I’ve become increasingly averse to this component of Fashion Week each season since it’s typically the same. Nonetheless, on a global scale, the best part has become what show-goers wear, or in this particular case what Tommy Ton captures behind his seemingly magical lens. Well, that’s just my opinion and you can think whatever you want about it…

Of course, many of the runway collections are a work of art within themselves, yet every single media outlet and blogger writes about and captures that same aspect of every show. This has simultaneously catalyzed an overload of repeated retweets on Twitter, shares on Facebook and likes on Instagram, seeing the same news in my social media feeds 1000x a day, for every single day in September has almost rendered me to have a nearly incurable explosive migraine. Moreover, this over-saturated part of the industry has eliminated a level of autonomy during Fashion Month because many editors, writers and bloggers easily concur on the good, the bad, the best and the worst, pending upon the designer’s level of prominence and their relations with the given publicists. For the sake of argument, if a highly-anticipated designer like Alexander Wang or Marc Jacobs released a collection of wearable paper bags, while a not-so well-known designer crafted an exquisite collection with one-of-a-kind detail and creativity; the former would still get  positively commended on a much larger scale. Thus, much of the coverage from the runways has also lost a level of integrity, as it’s influenced the industry to express commercialized opinions, rather than offering a genuine perspective.

And, while some show-goers get dressed for the street style photographers and others are suited-up to appease publicists at their clients events… Unlike the ensembles going down the runways, what show-goers ultimately opt to wear gives them an autonomous voice because they make their own final decisions on their outfit and that’s a form of showcasing creativity, individuality and personality. Despite the throngs of prominent insiders attending Fashion Week, the likelihood of two show-goers wearing an identical outfit remains slim. But, not only is Tommy Ton’s attention to capturing the contrast and intricate artistic detailing in each show-goers outfit spectacular, yet on a deeper level his work showcases: getting dressed and style is an art of self-expression, and that’s what the beauty of fashion is really about.

All photography by Tommy Ton


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