Are nipples an accessory?

I couldn’t resist writing this piece, especially after personally witnessing the hoards of nipple-showing ensembles, combined with The Cut’s take on coining nipples as the latest “accessory” for Spring 2014. Okay, Fashion Week is so last month… But writing this was nonnegotiable. And, I sincerely promise to stop, after this one.

While some women might be elated, their ‘nipples’ are the “IT” accessory for Spring 2014 — since they already own them and don’t have to buy them like most other accessories; I can’t help how strongly I beg to differ. Of course, I’m undeniably a proponent of the new take on structured and embellished crop top ensembles, as casual and formal wear, which is also considered, “the worst trend” according to select critics. Albeit my lust for creativity for innovation in design, the nipple-baring plethora of outfits, somewhat, glamorizes x-rated style, which is something that degrades the image of a highly respected industry.

As witnessed, Balmain pairs a transparent top with trousers, Burberry Prorsum teams a lingerie dress with a classic trench coat, and Saint Laurent bares nipples in a three piece suit… Above all, I can’t deny my lust for all of these design houses. But, regardless of the high status in the industry, I think every single one of these looks cheapens their corresponding brands.

While accessories aren’t intended to be sexy nor traditional, they’re meant to add completeness, convenience, and creativity to an outfit; just like the way a piece of artwork adds beauty to a room. Yet, in the case of nipples, I think The Cut dubbing them an accessory eliminates a level of creativity in using fashion, as a form of self-expression. Unlike accessories, women obviously can’t reveal their nipples in most public places, nor choose, their size, shape, or color, which limits their options to use these looks as a way of personalizing an outfit.

Call me sartorially philisophical, if you will. Yet, this is just my take.


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