In track pants…

This look book is my unofficial take on how to rock track pants like a fashion-forward city-slicker, without resembling an athlete drenched in sweat. And, of course, it’s possible. Wearing sweatpants or pajama bottoms in public is an anomaly for me, except when I’m occasionally walking my dogs if I’m half asleep! Yet, I’ve somehow worked track-type pants in a way to go from the office to dinner. Okay, while these aren’t exactly track pants, per se, these bottoms are equally comfortable for enjoying a casual day in the city. Here, I’m sporting silk-blend, high-rise tapered, slim cut bottoms with an elasticized waist, which offer a flattering silhouette — that apparently make me look, as if I had a penis. To amplify my level of sophistication, I slipped on a classic J.Crew tweed jacket– to render an air of timelessness. Given, the nature of this bold outfit, I kept the remainder of my ensemble minimalist to prevent blinding you. For a touch of neutrality, I accessorized with this new lizard-embossed and suede satchel, which created an exquisitely subtle juxtaposition of textures. Ultimately, to avoid appearing like I just finished working-out at the gym, I opted to forego an elegant finish in the form of sleek black suede and leather ankle boots with striking studded gold embellishments!

Blazer: J. Crew, pants: Joe Fresh, bag: Coach, booties: Dolce & Gabbana.

Jacket: J.Crew, pants: Joe Fresh, bag: Coach, booties: Zara.


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