Joining the Mounties!

According to my dear friend Sean, this Gucci jacket resembles a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer uniform. Of course, he seems to say it in a good way. As if, I aspire to be a cop or an officer of any type, which would never happen, as I’d fail miserably and I’m sure Sean would concur with that argument too.

Albeit, lusting this jacket for its impeccable tailoring, clashing textures, rich tones and gold buttons, which add a sophisticated touch; it does render an aesthetic of regal utilitarianism meets RTW fashion. Given the extremely bold nature of this jacket, I minimized the palette and gave this ensemble a street-style finish by teaming it with black leather DKNY bottoms. However I preserved the warmth on top– via accessorizing with a structured vintage oxblood Cartier bag and espresso faux-python Sam Edelman booties.

Ultimately, as we are aware, a statement jacket has the strength to transform any look and it’s definitely a smart sartorial investment. But, because red has the power to become the focal point of any look, while wearing it– it’s integral to keep the rest of the outfit low-key or neutral– to refrain from blinding or becoming a hazard to your fellow pedestrians.

Jacket: Gucci, Boots: Prada, Shades: Marni, Bag: Vintage Cartier.

Jacket: Gucci, Boots: Prada, Shades: Marni, Bag: Vintage Cartier.


2 thoughts on “Joining the Mounties!

  1. I was walking through the kingsway village yesterday & saw someone in a red peplum jacket, black pants tucked into tall brown boots & was instantly inspired to replicate the RCMP look for Halloween. Oh Canada!

    • Hahaha! That’s funny, yet very patriotic! I didn’t do this intentionally to resemble a mountie but for the sake of everyday street style lol!

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