From a sociopolitical and cultural standpoint, I was intrigued by Manolo Campion’s DIY punk themed photo shoot featuring Martha Streck. On top of the obvious one-of-a-kind sartorial creativity and originality, this spread successfully merges my passions for art, style, politics and popular culture. But Streck’s serious apparel, posture and facial characteristics iconically reflect– rebellion against the government, the music industry’s status quo and laws that prevent humanity from having freedom of expression. Also the combination of dark garments, bold lips and authoritarian facial expressions boast an air of strong attitude. Additionally, the punk aesthetic of theatrical silhouettes, DIY garments and avant-garde expressionism, comprised of fishnets, studs, chokers, chains, pins and boots– emulate bondage apparel in ways women are restrained to abide by stereotyped gender roles. With her domineering presence and head held high, Streck seemingly f*cks the rules and defies social barriers. Most of all, this spread captures confidence, anarchy, free will, modern feminism and a rebellious spirit, which conveys the power of femininity — striving to escape a world of prehistoric norms.

P.S. I’m coveting every single one of the following ensembles.

All photography by Manolo Campion for V Magazine.



One thought on “F*CK AUTHORITY

  1. those photographs are beautiful. theyre absolouteley amazing! and im loving all the little details :D
    I’m a Swedish Fashion student based in London would be awesome if you could check out my blog :D

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