Winter Chic

Although I prefer to stay cozy and warm in the winter, I’d rather master this without resembling a life-size marshmallow or the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Of course, I have a down Northface coat from high school but I’ll only wear it, if and only if, I’m trapped in the middle of a blizzard — it’s worth looking like a walking a life-size pillow. Aside from the funny business and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade officially marking the start of the holiday season, it’s time to begin planning our winter wardrobes, while the temperatures continue dropping and have no signs of increasing anytime soon.

In lieu of puffer coats and Ugg-type or waterproof boots, I rather sport a classic cashmere trench, or a fur or leather coat and spray my snakeskin, suede or leather boots to prevent them from getting destroyed in the snow. As a huge fan of texture blocking and dramatic lapel collars, I chose to forego this leather sleeve, shearling biker-style coat with a faux fur collar and lining from TopShop. Not only does this number give any ensemble a luxe twist, it will keep you toasty throughout the upcoming ice age too. Just like the coat, this season is all about the statement sweatshirt. Thus, J.Crew’s crystal-adorned cotton sweater, ought to get you into the festive spirit. The light-gray hue goes with everything from denim and leather to tailored pants, it will look particularly chic, layered over a classic button-down Equipment blouse. With a lust for incorporating the rocker-chic aesthetic throughout the year, I’m coveting the glossy yet lightweight coated finish pair of J.Brand jeans — to inject a hard edge with a flattering silhouette into multiple outfits throughout the upcoming season. Anyone who knows me is already aware, how much I adore animal jewelry (i.e. my snake, spider, etc bangles), and this gator chomp ring and snake ear cuff from James Hannah are no exception. But for the finishing accents, no winter wardrobe is complete with a pair of luxe leather gloves and a toque. Of course, I couldn’t resist this “Nerd” hat.


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