Vogue Japan Wonderland

The editorial spreads in the Asian issues of Vogue are always much more sartorially elaborate, yet this isn’t only limited to Japanese Vogue. Despite my inability to decipher the majority of the content in Asian magazines, this extreme level of creativity is also applicable to Vogue China, India and Korea– to some extent too. Yet, again, Anna Dello Russo is the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, so this self-proclaimed ‘fashion maniac’ must make sure, it’s always the BEST, just like her outfits and everything else she does! Or you’ll need a fashion shower!

Anyways, the December 2013 issue of Vogue Japan isn’t any exception. In this issue, super model Lindsey Wixson, emulates a pleasantly unorthodox Russian princess– in the ‘The Anastasia of Winter’ editorial photographed by Emma Summerton. As an eccentric enchanting fairytale that encompasses an array of flamboyant characters, this spread features winter couture that resembles themes right out of Alice in Wonderland. In the midst of castles and forests, the combination of theatrical references in such contemporary fashion– including the oversized patterned jackets, ruffled floor-length dresses, exaggerated oversize structures and crown-like headpieces– enables couturiers to transform their clothing into one-of-a-kind magical exhibits.

All photography by Emma Summerton for Vogue Japan December 2013

AnastasiaOfWinter-1vogue-japan-december-2013-the-anastasia-of-wi-L-sKWRYW AnastasiaOfWinter-Last-1185x762 japan japan1 japan2 japan3 japan4 japan5


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