Here, I present my latest installment of what I had for breakfast and the concoction of pills I enjoyed with it, as if I’m becoming a drug addict, just don’t take this seriously. Unlike, Mayor Ford this isn’t my personal case. But I couldn’t resist being cheesy with all the latest developments I’m getting via my Facebook feed, albeit I no longer reside in Toronto.

Nevertheless, this ‘Designer Drugs’ editorial exquisitely emulates society’s obsession with brand names. Or we can simply call it, ‘what Alex ate for breakfast’ or ‘Alex’s addiction to designer fashion and pop art.’ While I don’t support those who aimlessly pop pills, I admittedly have an unhealthy addiction to luxury fashion, popular culture and contemporary art, it’s undeniably my drug of choice, if I had to select one. However Steve Kraitt’s latest photo spread  also reflects a strong correlation between luxury and the extents people will go to — to acquire some of the world’s most sought after products, which are sometimes ‘to die for.’  Hence, the use of branded designer drugs. Although I’m extremely beauty inept and make up for it with my oversize sartorial addiction, I couldn’t resist writing about the symbolism behind acquiring certain beauty products — lipsticks in a palette of vivid hues ranging from Yves Saint Laurent’s electric blue lips to Gucci’s purple pucker, in this particular case. Ultimately, I ought to say, the bold contrast between Echo Nittolitto’s lips and brand boasting pills, successfully renders an eye-catching pop art-like editorial that will potentially entice women — to covet these particular lip colors, the same way they’re obsessed with collecting Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior and Prada.

All photography by Steve Krait

designer-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-2 designer-drugs-by-steve-kraittdesigner-drugs-by-steve-kraitt-4


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