$10 Million Bra & Victoria’s Secret

Watching Candice Swanepool rock the annual Victoria’s Secret runway in a $10 million bra was the highlight of my night. Although if I had $10 million, I’m not sure if I’d invest it on a sole bra, when I could buy a condo, an entire floor of merchandise at Bergdorf’s, take an exotic vacation across the globe, donate some spare change to a philanthropic cause and save the rest to my benefit.

Nevertheless, the Victoria’s Secret Angels including Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Adriana Lima, among throngs of many other top models turned the Lexington Armory into a three-ring circus of lingerie with hoards of embellished and theatrical ensembles, which would make awesome goodies for my everyday essentials. And, of course for my time in the bedroom. And, since I refuse to write a post about my undergarment collection, I’ll leave at that. But, importantly, the show compromised of six themed segments including the British Invasion, Birds of Paradise, Parisian Nights, Shipwrecked, Snow Angels and PINK Network, and performances by Taylor Swift, Neon Jungle and Fall Out Boy (continued below my photo collage).

Candice Swanepool rocks the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in a $10 million bra.

Candice Swanepool rocks the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a $10 million bra.

P.S. Though I’m embarrassed to admit this, my dad always had a Victoria’s Secret Angels card, and hence Mr. David Solomon got a copy of the catalogue every season too. Of course, he didn’t join this loyalty club to help me select lingerie, nor sign-up to receive the catalogue; he did it since I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and we always enjoyed shopping holiday sales together. Albeit it might be absurd to associate Victoria’s Secret with my father, as I was growing-up, he’d always wait outside Victoria’s Secret, while my sister and me tried on the essentials. And, shortly thereafter, he’d gladly come into the store with a goofy look of glee on his face– to pay with his card. Though my dad’s no longer with us, he’ll be my guardian angel this holiday season!

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