On a horse!

This might be an anomaly… But, yes, I went horseback riding this weekend! So, yeehaw! Albeit, I excelled and tried my best, I’m definitely not an equestrian just yet. Although I love my three dogs unconditionally and enjoy playing with them; I ought to admit, I’m never up for getting dirty like a country girl or a horseback rider. Growing-up with an urban life style, I’m admittedly a city slicker. And, I lust the convenience of that lifestyle and the adrenaline that comes with it.  Nonetheless, I swapped my always on the go busy life to ride and pose on a horse named Jazz this weekend, she was definitely a great girl. Though I refused to wear garbage bags over my clothing like my mother suggested beforehand, as I was inevitably was going to get filthy; I thought it be best to flaunt some of the less expensive pieces in my wardrobe, especially in this case. Thus, I added some grunginess to my ‘typical’ sleek and chic aesthetic. And, sadly, these Tom Ford shades cost more than my entire ensemble altogether. For the sophisticated factor, I paired my embellished H&M shirt and cotton blazer, which I contrasted with the grunginess in the form of my studded Steve Madden boots and torn jeans from Gap (continued below photos).

Boots: Steve Madden, shades: Tom Ford, shirts: H&M,  jeans: GAP

Boots: Steve Madden, shades: Tom Ford, shirts: H&M, jeans: GAP

Alex just being Alex, while horsing around on Jazz's back...

Alex just being Alex, while horsing around on Jazz’s back…

P.S. Jazz wasn’t just any horsey, she was a rescued standardbred, which meant a lot to me as an avid animal lover with three rescued mutts. While I undeniably believe in the commercialization and luxury status of the fashion industry, I highly oppose using animals as a tool to conform to the status quo. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an animal blog, nor do I intend to make it one or promote animal rights. Yet, next time, you decide to adopt your next pet, whether it be a dog or a horse, please consider the thousands of animals in need of a loving home before you drop your entire pay cheque on a prestigiously bred animal.


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