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From being candidly photographed in the Miami Herald (yes, you read that correctly) to witnessing some of the most inspiring art on the streets and celebrity sightings, Art Basel Miami Beach was definitely packed with unparalleled excitement and creativity. Apart from obsessing over the exquisite art exhibits, one of my favorite spots included the streets of Wynwood. As a graffiti enthusiast with a lust for this medium as a freedom of expression, Wynwood was a life-size paradise in my books. Buildings throughout the area were covered in psychedelic patterns, mismatched designs and words of wisdom. Also, the parties in the Design District made the momentum for the sartorial-savvy– a much coveted playground for playing dress-up and going on a spree. In addition, I’m sharing my diary of celebrity sightings featuring Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Lionel Richie, Tommy Hilfiger and much more. Plus, I was also photographed by The Coveteur’s Jake Rosenberg at The Webster Miami Beach and spent time with Alastair Gordon from the Wall Street Journal. But, most of all, the best part was hanging-out with friends from Toronto, and socializing and meeting talented people, which made this experience extra special.

Photo credit: Jake Rosenberg

Photo credit: Jake Rosenberg, co-founder of The Coveteur



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