Starting fresh


Though I promise this won’t turn into a blog about dealing with the loss of my father, it’s difficult to write about fashion, style and create a diatribe about all those fun things that I genuinely love, especially at this particular moment. But, on a happier note, I got a good laugh from staring at the above Solomon family portrait.  Albeit, this portrait is idyllic for sartorial inspiration for reenacting a scene from Full House or another TV show out of the 90’s, I’m not going to offer style tips derived from my floral print dress with an embroidered color and Michelle’s Cinderella ensemble.

To start, I apologize for taking a prolonged post-Art Basel hiatus from the blogosphere, yet final exams, papers and personal matters forced me to put my life on hold. Lately, I’ve recieved hoards of emails pitching story ideas and others asking me about when I’m going to publish my next post? What I’m doing to celebrate my college graduation? When I’m going to move to NYC? Plus, I’ve been asked many more questions, which inspired me to write this post…

While I’m elated to announce that I’ve just graduated with a degree in International Relations from Harvard University and I’m ecstatic to potentially  launch my career in NYC in fashion editorial in the near future– this year has been very bitter sweet. With the tragic loss of my father 8 months ago, it hurts to blog this holiday season about all the traditional festivities I once enjoyed celebrating, as I didn’t want to shatter the euphoria of your parties. Unlike most people, my family didn’t celebrate, exchange presents, go shopping nor spend time together this holiday season. And, I was undeniably envious of everyone’s festive social media feeds, as I witnessed many friends enjoying time with family, devouring gourmet feasts, (and getting showered with presents that I could only covet)!

Every year after Christmas, my dad use to spoil Michelle and me at the post-season sales. As of yet, we don’t have plans for New Years Eve– a holiday my family traditionally spent together– since my mom and sister are unavailable to spend time with me. At the end of the day, it’s hurtful to write about how to style and shop for these festivities and create thematic outfit posts, as I embrace the realization that I’m not going to immerse in these occasions the same way.

Moreover, it’s strenuous when those who matter the most are no longer there, nor have the energy to enjoy this time of year because they’re enduring the same circumstances that I’m dealing with. Though it’s hard to let go of the past and not be a depressing person, I got to say that I’m grateful that I had opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with my family for more than 20 years and I wouldn’t trade for the world.

As I said, I’m ecstatic to finally finish college, yet it’s hurtful that my dad’s not here to share that experience with me, especially as my mom and sister must remain MIA for personal reasons. Of course, my mom has congratulated me for graduating college, yet she can’t do anything to celebrate like I would have wished.

Despite my depressing holiday season, my dad always said it’s important, “to never feel guilty about the past since you can only change the future.” Thus, I know my dad wouldn’t want me to be upset over what I don’t have and rather be proud of what I can accomplish and start fresh. On that note, my New Year’s Resolution is to find happiness within the next chapter of my life, excel in NYC as a budding fashion editor, grow as a working professional and continue to cultivate meaningful relationships. With those words of wisdom, I thought I’d conclude with inspiring quotations. In spite of going to Harvard for four years and compulsively reading brilliant thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Neitzche, I undeniably think Dr. Seuss is the world’s greatest philosopher. Maybe, Harvard should offer a class on Dr. Seuss’ words of wisdom and applying these arguments to social science (just me being quirky and unrealistic).

Anyways I’d love to finish off by wishing everyone my warmest wishes this holiday season!




P.S. Let's socialize!

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