Cheers to a chic 2014!

This might seem so cliche… But, as an art and pop culture junkie, I couldn’t resist posting Italian artist, AleXsandro Palombo’s latest sartorial humor– to ring in the New Year. In Palombo’s newest series of thematic illustrations, he features Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld casually celebrating New Year’s Eve, just like any iconic fashion duo would…. Some of Palombo’s illustrations feature Wintour and Lagerfeld taking out their eyes by popping  champagne bottle corks. While others include them bathing in Chanel adorned cocktails, overflowing with maraschino cherries. But, seriously, I wouldn’t mind jumping in the middle of these iconic masterpieces and joining their party! On that note, cheers to a chic 2014! I wish everyone the best and hope your upcoming year is full of happiness and prosperity! xo!

Anna Wintour and Unkle Karl Lagerfeld Happy New Year VOGUE CHANEL Art Fashion Luxury Portrait Painting Cartoon Illustration Satire Sketch Icon Legend Humor Chic by aleXsandro Palombo modifiedAnna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld Happy New Year ART Fashion Luxury cartoon Illustration Icon Satire Paintin Legend Portrait Chanel Humor Chic by aleXsandro PalomboIllustrations by AleXsandro Aplomb


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