Surviving The Snowpocalypse


Coat: Moncler,  boots: Burberry, gloves: Zara, bag: Tory Burch

When it comes to trekking through catastrophic snow storms, I usually want to hide my boots under my desk if I’m forced to wear them. For more than 20 years, one of my biggest issues has always been finding a pair waterproof boots and a coat, that don’t respectively resemble slippers and the Pilsbury Dough Boy. Though I realize this issue is the epitome of first world problems, preserving a coordinated appearance and my refusal to obliterate my collection of coveted kicks — are part of my daily priorities, especially while braving the blizzards. Nonetheless, unlike many people, I usually drench my designer boots in waterproof spray to prevent damaging them in the snow. And, thus, when I came across Burberry’s ‘Holloway’ Rain Boot with a belt and studded detailing, I couldn’t resist their luxe punk aesthetic with a downtown-chic edge. As an alternative to the traditional puffer, I’m also coveting Moncler’s latest collection of skiwear. But, I particularly have my heart set on the brand’s Grenoble ‘Annapurna’  Jacket. This multi-texture alternative will amp-up any minimalist look with an exaggerated oversize neck, calf hair detailing, leather pockets and fur inserts on the sleeves, plus a detachable belt for accentuating a flattering silhouette. For the coat and boots, I recommend going with predominantly black if you’re a young professional on a tight budget like myself since it’s important to invest in hues that you’ll be able to wear more than one season, foregoing black guarantees your motif remains classic, chic and comfortable.


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