Alas, Peter Pilotto for Target!

peter-pilotto-targetSo, the entire Peter Pilotto for Target lookbook was leaked today. I know, I say this every time… But this collaborative collection for Target is definitely the best, yet! That, I promise… However, every time Target announces its latest collection, the anticipation increasing up until the launch is literally palpable. Following Peter Pilotto’s announcement regarding his collaboration with Target back in Sep., we’ve all been at the edge of our seats waiting for any clues pertaining the collection’s aesthetic.

Though many people argue (including myself) that such collaborations can cheapen a designers brand. Pilotto and Christopher De Vos made minimal sacrifices with their line by preserving their brand’s signature colorful prints throughout the collection. Though the fabric still remains ambiguous, the silhouettes remain intact, there are countless combinations to render an outfit worthy of Tommy Ton’s lens, and the artful contrast remains throughout.

With everything priced lower than $80, this collaboration is definitely one of the most affordable to date.  Also, of you across the pond can get your hands on this collection too because select pieces will also be available on Unfortunately, for those of us in the U.S. and Canada — there will be a whole new host of shoppers to fight with in the online queue. With that said, let the games begin Feb. 9, I’ve curated an array featuring some of my favorite pieces below.


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