Magic of Sartorial Technology

3D printing is an art form that is transforming the way people create and the overall concept of creativity. From medicine to computer engineering — experts have used technology to modify genetics and change the way we listen to music and communicate. But the fashion industry isn’t any exception, especially with the rise of 3D printing entering the sartorial world. With that said, Gabriela Ligenza’s capsule collection incorporates 3D printing technology to render innovative sculptural headpieces. As an English Millinery, Ligenza partnered with many talented experts from engineers to animators and digital story tellers for this project. This inaugural collection successfully showcases the variety and potential of 3D printing, as well as how it can change the future of fashion. In addition, Ligenza also confronts any prejudice against newer mediums of art, which exhibit how traditional art and newer forays of technology can exquisitely coincide.
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Very Abstract

I had a photo session with Jake Rosenberg from The Coveteur at an Art Basel event a few weeks ago.  Albeit a bit late, this post remains relevant– since I assume many people are currently vacationing in Miami or other spots with skyrocketing humidity. Despite the threat of scorching temperatures, it’s important to be comfortable, yet effortlessly chic. But, with talented artists taking over the city, I decided to have some sartorial creativity of my own– in the form of coordinating  a motif with vivid and bold prints from head-to-toe. We could call this ‘the art of abstract dressing,’ shall we? Though the notion of endeavoring to create such an ensemble might seem blinding, I mastered mixing-up this combination exquisitely. When pairing prints, it’s important to wear complementary hues– in order to avoid looking tacky or cheap. In this case, my apparel and kicks all had minimal yellow accents, which tied everything together perfectly for a day in the sun. From top to bottom, I teamed an abstract print silk Tibi crop top with my abstract print silk Catherine Malandrino tulip skirt, which I kicked-off with psychedelic Aldo Rise open toe booties, and a vintage monogram Gucci purse.

All photography by Jake Rosenberg of The Coveteur

_MER1131Standing outside The Webster Miami on Collins Ave. Top: Tibi, skirt: Catherine Malandrino, kicks: Aldo Rise, bag: Gucci._MER1132_MER1131

South Beach Chic

My day started off with running into Martha Stewart at brunch at the Sagamore Hotel on Collins Ave. Shortly thereafter, I went on an excursion to explore some art fairs, relax on the beach, do some work and run errands around Miami Beach. To coordinate an ensemble that resonated with my schedule, I casually kept it South Beach chic. Given, the hoards of belongings, I was traveling with including my camera and laptop, I grabbed my Phillip Lim satchel to do the trick. Nonetheless, I was mainly inspired by the art deco architecture and adornments throughout the city from a sartorial standpoint. For the skirt, I worked my multicolor tulip-style skirt from BCBG, which I paired with customized earrings by James Hannah and miscellaneous pink baubles. Of course, an oversize hat was in order, so I resorted to my white Ralph Lauren sunhat, which worked beautifully with my black crop top from ASOS and black and white studded kicks from Zara.


Skirt: BCBG, shirt: ASOS, earrings: James Hannah, bag: 3.1 Philip Lim, shades: Prada, kicks: Zara, hat: Ralph Lauren.

On a horse!

This might be an anomaly… But, yes, I went horseback riding this weekend! So, yeehaw! Albeit, I excelled and tried my best, I’m definitely not an equestrian just yet. Although I love my three dogs unconditionally and enjoy playing with them; I ought to admit, I’m never up for getting dirty like a country girl or a horseback rider. Growing-up with an urban life style, I’m admittedly a city slicker. And, I lust the convenience of that lifestyle and the adrenaline that comes with it.  Nonetheless, I swapped my always on the go busy life to ride and pose on a horse named Jazz this weekend, she was definitely a great girl. Though I refused to wear garbage bags over my clothing like my mother suggested beforehand, as I was inevitably was going to get filthy; I thought it be best to flaunt some of the less expensive pieces in my wardrobe, especially in this case. Thus, I added some grunginess to my ‘typical’ sleek and chic aesthetic. And, sadly, these Tom Ford shades cost more than my entire ensemble altogether. For the sophisticated factor, I paired my embellished H&M shirt and cotton blazer, which I contrasted with the grunginess in the form of my studded Steve Madden boots and torn jeans from Gap (continued below photos).

Boots: Steve Madden, shades: Tom Ford, shirts: H&M,  jeans: GAP

Boots: Steve Madden, shades: Tom Ford, shirts: H&M, jeans: GAP

Alex just being Alex, while horsing around on Jazz's back...

Alex just being Alex, while horsing around on Jazz’s back…

P.S. Jazz wasn’t just any horsey, she was a rescued standardbred, which meant a lot to me as an avid animal lover with three rescued mutts. While I undeniably believe in the commercialization and luxury status of the fashion industry, I highly oppose using animals as a tool to conform to the status quo. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an animal blog, nor do I intend to make it one or promote animal rights. Yet, next time, you decide to adopt your next pet, whether it be a dog or a horse, please consider the thousands of animals in need of a loving home before you drop your entire pay cheque on a prestigiously bred animal.