I always appreciate interest in my blog, here’s a list of answers to the most common questions.

Do you feature guests posts or work with contributing writers?
Yes, I do! Please click here for further info!

Will you guest write or contribute to my publication or blog?
I’m very selective about where I’ll write, as I only contribute to publications, which I’d consider personally reading. Please keep in mind that I don’t duplicate any content, I only accept monetary compensation and won’t write post in lieu of product.

May I feature your posts and/or photos on my site?
Yes! Of course, please link content or photos derived from TREND NERD back to my blog since everything is copy written.

I don’t use WordPress. How can I follow you?
You can always stay up to date on Bloglovin’ or by following me on Twitter, which is synced to my blog. Or you can get the latest from TREND NERD delivered to your inbox by entering your email in the sidebar.

How can I let you know if you improperly credited my photo or if I’d like it removed?
Please feel free to contact me and I’ll address your request accordingly.

Do you work with brands or accept gifted items?
I’m very strict about the brands I work with. I’ll exclusively partner with companies that fit well with TREND NERD. And I’ll only accept products, which I truly love and would normally purchase on my own. I’ll always disclose when I receive products, or if I’ve been compensated in any way for a post. If I receive a product, which I don’t like — I won’t write about it. I’ll only write about positive experiences because there’s way too much negativity out there. All opinions are entirely my own and not affiliated with any company.

My product or brand was featured on TREND NERD, how can I display your story on my site?
Please use one of my banner images to connect your coverage to my site.

How can we work together?
I invite companies to display advertisements, collaborate in various ways (contact me for more info) and offer photographers credit for their work.

If we work together will you link your blog to my website?
Of course, I will share your links. But I won’t partner with companies that requires readers to “like” or “follow.”

Can I ‘Friend’ you on Facebook?
Unfortunately, my Facebook account is private — I’ll only add people I’ve met in person. However I always encourage readers to keep in touch on Twitter!


P.S. Let's socialize!

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