Magic of Sartorial Technology

3D printing is an art form that is transforming the way people create and the overall concept of creativity. From medicine to computer engineering — experts have used technology to modify genetics and change the way we listen to music and communicate. But the fashion industry isn’t any exception, especially with the rise of 3D printing entering the sartorial world. With that said, Gabriela Ligenza’s capsule collection incorporates 3D printing technology to render innovative sculptural headpieces. As an English Millinery, Ligenza partnered with many talented experts from engineers to animators and digital story tellers for this project. This inaugural collection successfully showcases the variety and potential of 3D printing, as well as how it can change the future of fashion. In addition, Ligenza also confronts any prejudice against newer mediums of art, which exhibit how traditional art and newer forays of technology can exquisitely coincide.
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