Philosophy of Contemporary Beauty

I love runway fashion! I find it so amusing because I enjoy the experience of witnessing each designer craft crazier and more artistic collections then the next. Many runway lines are memorable for their anonymity and pizzazz that emulate a new form of mixed media apparel, which typically lacks the use of traditional fabrics.

I find it even more fascinating how such contemporary trends and pop culture icons are changing the philosophy of contemporary beauty to some extent. For example, not so long ago, many people would consider fashion on the contemporary catwalk or fashion similar to Rihanna’s recent outfits and Lady Gaga’s general fashion repulsive, rather than artistic and beautiful the way we appreciate it today. I personally love Gaga and Rihanna but that’s besides the point. In contrary to modern times, I think it’s captivating how people traditionally associated the beauty of  runway and high fashion with promiscuity and/or elegance instead of anonymity and creativity. In spite of the nerdiness or trendiness of this post, it implies our understanding and the way we percieve beauty is evolving too, which enables dressing in an untraditional way to become more culturally accepted. It’s exciting, this perception of beauty is further supported by our cultural drive for innovation! In the near future, I could envision the following trends or ones with similar concepts becoming everyday work apparel…



Jeremy Scott: I love how Scott sculpted the breasts to resemble the Capitol Building Dome. The erect narrow tips on the end of her breasts look so bad ass in a good way, they remind me of the gun bras in Austin Powers minus the bullets lol… in any case I think this ensemble is beautiful and possibly pragmatic in the near future. It would be so cool if this became culturally accepted or a ‘norm’ on regular days rather than Halloween…

Manish Arora: Manish is renown for his creativity and adding a dose of the wild factor to his collections. This circus tent outfit is a utopian concept coming to reality. I don’t only love how this model gets to wear a haute couture act that depicts my daily life, but I also love the colors and creativity encompassed in this ensemble. 

I’m in love with BEAUTIFUL dress engineered from construction paper… only if we were taught how to make dresses like this in kindergarten…

The concept of the outfit above is similar to Gaga’s dress in this photo. I’m a big fan of Gaga’s, but it’s important to point out her wardrobe and wigs are just as strong or even stronger than her music, which contributes to her fame and overall trademark.

I think JC de Castelbajac’s creations are not just stunning but he brings out the child in all of us…. No other fashion prodigy can bring back Sesame Street and childhood fun like this!

These Castelbajac creation’s are so beautiful… if you beg to differ you’re nuts lol… in any case it’s tempting me to take a tropical hiatus and ditch my life! 


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